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💎Welcome to Gem City Career Prep High School💎

Dr. Lanicka Shepherd - Masey - Principal

"I am so excited to work with each scholar as we start this journey to transform Gem City into the best educational experience a High School can provide. We are constantly growing and a lot of that is due to the great students and staff we have.  I look forward to seeing you as we start our journey together! " 

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Zayah Smith (Student), Kimberly  Smith (Parent) 

Zayah looks forward to completing her High School Diploma so that she may obtain her certification as an STNA

Kylah Williams (Student) , Alicia Williams (Parent)

Kylah looks forward to starting her career as a Veterinarian

Cheyenne Cooper (Student) , Rev Dr. Willie Barnes-Jackson & Rev Dr. Pamela Barnes-Jackson (Grandparents) 

Cheyenne is excited to be at GEM CITY with great opportunities toward being successful. 





The gem city faculty & staff







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